Jim Rodda / Zheng3

Jim Rodda / Zheng3

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Faire Play III Playset

This .zip file contains all the .STL files you'll need to 3D print your own fully articulated Barbie-compatible battle tardigrade, as well as various Barbie-compatible armor and weapons.

The furkini and boots are designed to fit a Made To Movie Barbie, but will probably fit most other dolls of similar dimensions.


furkini top and bottom
fur boots
calf sheath
snake armband

Armor and Weapons:
helmet (3 pieces)
battle axe
shield (2 pieces)
spiked vambrace
triple-headed flail (5 models, 10 pieces when printed)
Mongol-style recurve bow

Tardigrade accessories:

tardigrade saddle (6 models, 7 when printed)
saddle pad
nobori (2 pieces)
nobori decal (.svg file)
yoga mat

Brenda the tardigrade (13 models, 61 pieces)

All of these pieces should print without support. The artificers here at Zheng Labs recommend printing the saddle pad, yoga mat, sheath, and furkini with flexible filament. The snake armband can be printed in regular ol' thermoplastic and then heat-deformed with the help of a hair dryer.

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